Diving and sightseeing in and around Cozumel is a great vacation that is affordable and accessible.  Located at the eastern tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, you can fly directly into CZM – Cozumel International Airport.  There are dozens of carriers that fly in and out of Cozumel.  One of the best diving deals is through Hotel Cozumel and its on site diving operation – Dive Paradise.  Hotel Cozumel offers a great all-inclusive package: lodging, meals, and diving.  Jose Pool is just one of the fantastic dive masters who works with Dive Paradise and is one of the best dive guides around.  You cannot beat the convenience of having a great hotel, dive operation, and beach all in one area.


Drift diving is the norm for Cozumel and the currents range from very mild to strong.  Your dive operator will be very familiar with the day’s conditions as well as your ability and will accordingly take you to many of the beautiful reefs filled with a variety of healthy life.  A common site is to see turtles chomping on large sponges with pairs of angelfish hovering over the scene to grab bites of sponge. And for those who are snorkelers, there are many excellent sites. Hotel Cozumel has great snorkeling just off of its beach and there are boats that cater just to snorkelers.


If you want to take an afternoon off from diving/snorkeling, there are many fun sights and activities that you can sign up for:  including a ferry ride to the mainland to see Chichen Itza – the most famous and must see of the Mayan ruins in the area.  Parasailing, inland tours, and private tours can be all arranged by Hotel Cozumel.






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