I had the opportunity to return to Raja Ampat in March 2016 – it was well worth the wait! The diving just was as spectacular as I remember when I went on my first trip in 2007. After domestic flights out of Jakarta, we boarded the MV Pindito in Sorong (Irian Jaya) for 11 days of spectacular diving. We covered 370 nautical miles: diving spectacular sites off the main islands of Raja Ampat – Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo. My favorite dive sites were in the Palau Yilliet and Pulau Fabiacet areas were we dove with huge schools of spadefishes (sometimes called batfish – family Ephippidae) and barracudas. Nudie Rock was also a great site for one of my favorite subjects: anemonefish and their interaction with the anemonefish’s colorful host sea anemones.

This expedition was organized and led by our group leader Berkley White (Berkley White) – world famous underwater photographer and owner of Backscatter (Backscatter). Dan Baldocchi of Under Exposures handled all of our travel arrangements. Under Exposures provides dive travel geared towards underwater photographers and videographers (Under Exposures). We dove aboard the MV Pindito (MV Pindito) under the direction of the Pindito’s owner – Edi Frommenwiler. Edi has been operating in Indonesia for over 20 years and his knowledge of dive sites and experience is unmatched.

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