Never turn down a chance to go back to Wakatobi!  I had that chance last September and traveled with a lifelong friend and dive buddy – Dodie Orosco. Wakatobi never disappoints, and is one of the best land based dive operations in the world.  Take some time to explore Wakatobi’s website (Wakatobi) – everything you see on their site is the real deal! This trip was sponsored by Backscatter (Backscatter) and Under Exposures (Under Exposures) and was led by Erin Quigley (Erin Quigley) and Jim Decker (Jim Decker).  Erin and Jim offered daily workshops and postproduction help. 


It’s still an easy flight from Bali to Wakatobi’s private airstrip in Maranggo.  Guests are picked up at the airstrip and taken directly to their bungalow.  The food, service, dive boats, camera rooms, amenities, and overall service at Wakatobi is the absolute best.  The dive sites were all unique and provided opportunities for both macro and wide-angle photography.  I still find Wakatobi’s house reef the absolute best – I spent many afternoons diving the house reef as my 4th or 5th dive and never get tired of it – something new to see every dive.

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